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Level up your fitness, wellness and coaching approach...

By incorporating breathwork into your practice

This round begins on September 25, 2023. Spots are limited.










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In Just 8 Weeks You Will Learn

  • An arsenal of specific breathing patterns to maintain endurance and energy during workouts

  • How to incorporate specific breathing techniques before and after workouts

  • How and when to implement the breathwork techniques in your daily routine

  • The science behind how breathwork improves mental, physical, and spiritual health

  • How to safely and powerfully lead others through the breathing techniques inside and outside the gym

  • Experience first-hand how breathwork positively effects your physiology, physical endurance, and mental health


We're excited to pass on this game-changing practice to you

Our students are making big impact!

Check out what some of our certification students are doing after the breathwork course!

What's Included in the Program

The biggest tool you will ever need to take a holistic approach to health and fitness!

  • 10+ breathwork technique tutorials

  • 10+ guided breathwork mp3s

  • Tutorials for how to lead others through each breathwork exercise, and when to use the specific breathing patterns

  • Safety protocols and science fundamentals

  • Checklists and tasks to monitor your progress

  • Weekly group call time with Sage for individualized support 

  • How to program breathwork into your fitness routine

  • How/when to utilize breathwork outside of the gym

  • Major personal breakthroughs from using breathwork in your own routine

  • High Vibe Breathwork Course Certificate

  • Book a Free Discovery Call

    I have been facilitating and utilizing breathwork in my own life and with my clients for over 5 years. Incorporating breathwork is what has set me apart as a personal trainer and gym owner, and has accelerated my success and transformation on a personal level as well. Offering breathwork at High Vibe has not only created a huge influx in my business, but has drastically accelerated my clients' results.


    Founder, High Vibe Holistic


    • What are the pre-requisite requirements for this course?

    • The only true requirement is your commitment to learn and grow through incorporating breathwork into your practice and/or life. Whether you are a personal trainer, coach, practitioner, or fitness enthusiast, you can benefit from this course!

    • What is the weekly time commitment?

    • There is a once a week hour-long call for coaching and hands-on practice. Expect to spend around 30-45 minutes a week learning the education and fundamentals of the different breathwork techniques, as well as incorporating it into your own life.

    • Will I be working with Sage directly?

    • Yes, you will have access to Sage each week on the group call and in a private voxer group. During the calls and within the Voxer, Sage will be addressing your questions and supporting you as you implement breathwork into your life.

    • What if I can't make the call time?

    • Every call is recorded and uploaded for you to view at a later time that works for you! If you have questions but cannot make the call, you can submit them to Sage and he will address them on the call.