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Change Your Life in 90 Days

for the man who is ready to achieve his healthiest physique, release the heavy habits, get your energy back, and finally become the man he was born to be.

You don't have to do it alone anymore.

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if you are looking for the most effective lifestyle blueprint out there, you've come to the right place

When it comes to the coaching industry, there is a HUGE GAP in the way most coaches view their clients...

They fail to address your transformation from a holistic perspective.

To me, your results go far beyond just a before and after picture.

I'm interested in shaking sh*t up, helping you improve your life so you can FINALLY feel better from the inside out.

Is this you?

  • Caught in habits with substances like adderall, weed, booze, and/or nicotine

  • In (or maybe just got out of) a shitty relationship

  • Unfulfilled with your work or seeking purpose

  • Unhappy with how you look and wants to get shredded

  • Feels like a zombie throughout your day. On autopilot, energy crashes, feeling run down.

  • Needs to clean up your diet or find good supplements that will work for you


Chances are, there are some gaps in your lifestyle that are affecting your confidence, your physique, your energy and your relationships.

You need somebody on your team who will take your health and wellbeing as seriously as you...

And care about you from a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical perspective....

A lot can change in 90 days.

There are 4 main pillars to your wellbeing

When we talk about holistic health, we are talking about addressing every aspect of you and your life to create real results.

  • Spiritual Health

  • Mental Health

  • Emotional health

  • Physical Health

Spiritual Health


Mental Health

Clean disposable gloves, masks, hair cover, and aprons are worn at all times inside the facility and we even make sure that the staff is protected even when they are outside.

Emotional Health

We ensure that no one entering the facility is suffering from any symptoms. 

Physical Health

All equipments used for the treatments are properly sterilized after and before use during each session.

What is included in the program?

  • Immediate intro call with Sage to take stock, set goals, and get your supplements and diet in order

  • 1 group coaching call with Sage per week for high-level individualized support & breathwork practice 

  • Weekly individualized workout programing 

  • Weekly breathwork practice, food planning, and accountability

  • Unlimited voice and messaging support with Sage Mon-Fri 

  • 1 1-on-1 checkin and coaching call with Sage per month

  • Private facebook group for members to connect, post weekly wins, and have access to coaching call replays


You are a few months away from becoming the man you were meant to be

It takes support from someone who has been there and done it.

  • Breathwork to reset your nervous system and achieve a natural high

  • Diet and supplementation guidance to help you get back on track and feel energized

  • Group support from a community of other men who are in the same boat

  • Daily messaging and accountability in a private app

  • Individualized workout programming to fit your goals and access to equipment

  • Weekly and Monthly coaching and support to help you break through the stuff holding you back

  • Creating sustainable habits that you can take into your life forever

  • Gain tangible tools for navigating social situations and triggers

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    Hey, I'm Sage Burmeister.

    I'm a gym owner, holistic health coach, breathwork instructor, sobriety mentor, and nutritionist.

    I grew up in San Diego as a dual athlete and went to college on scholarship, but no one knew the extent of the deep battle with addiction I was struggling with since I was a teen... until I hit rock bottom.

    In 2017, after years of active addiction, I was checked into rehab. I knew getting it right the first time was life or death, and that's when I dove head -first into holistic health.

    I combined my love for fitness with breathwork, the one thing that made me feel better in my first year of sobriety. I was fascinated with how whole-foods eating changed my mood, and came across tools such as saunas and cold immersion, which made me feel the sharpest I'd ever felt. 

    I combined all the pillars of wellness that I picked up along my journey, and that's how my brand, High Vibe Holistic, was born. Now I get to help other men who feel stuck and unfulfilled on their path, become the men they know deep down they were born to be.


    What my clients have to say

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    5 stars from over 10,000 students around the world

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    Frequently Asked

    • Do I have to be an alcoholic/addict/sober?

    • Sage works with people no matter where they are on the spectrum of their sobriety journey. The only requirement is that you are open minded and willing to do what it takes to let go of the habits that aren't serving you.

    • When are the group calls/what if I can't make it?

    • The group calls are on Tuesdays at 12pm PST / 3 pm EST. Calls will be recorded and uploaded into the private facebook group for those who can't make it. You also will be receiving support from Sage throughout the week.

    • How much access will I have to Sage?

    • This program is Sage's highest level of support currently offered... one 1-on-1 call a week, unlimited voice notes and support M-F, and weekly group calls.

    • How much does this cost?

    • Those who know the value of true transformation, understand that the investment is a direct reflection of the quality of support and results they receive. You can expect for any program such as this one to be around a 1k/month investment, with payment plans and financing options available. 

    • What is the time commitment?

    • The group call will be around an hour each week. Most of the time commitment comes from implementing your routine... which will be a workout 3x/week, reflection, meditation or breathwork practice every day, and food logging. 

    • What are the requirements for this program?

    • You should have access to a computer with wifi for calls. You will also need a smartphone to access the app for workout programming, breathwork, message support, and food journal. You will also need access to or create a facebook account to access the call recordings.

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