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Raising the Consciousness

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Breathwork + Meditation Certification

Become a confident breathwork and meditation coach in 8 weeks. Deep dive into the science and energetics of over 10 techniques, and learn how to market yourself as a leading breathwork coach in the space.

Reiki Certification Mentorships

Become an embodied and successful reiki practitioner in this 6 week self-healer and practitioner mentorship. Learn how to use energy to heal yourself and facilitate true healing in others. Be on the cutting edge of virtual energy work, and land your first clients.

Business Mentorships

Take your practice to the next level.

RBA (Reiki Business Academy) & 

BBA (Breathwork Business Academy) are our business mentorships that take you from practitioner to confident full-time coach. Proven step-by-step systems of how to scale, market and sell in your reiki or breathwork business on social media.