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High Vibe Method

Our cutting-edge facility offers a holistic approach to wellness by combining Personal Training, Breathwork, Sauna, and Cold Immersion.

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HIIT & Strength Training

Personal training sessions for individualized attention to your goals. All classes are followed with breathwork and recovery.


Weekly breathwork sessions for the ultimate nervous system reset. All training classes end with breathwork.

Sauna and Cold Tub

Open times available for booking. All classes end with the option for sauna and cold immersion. 

Clients are hooked on High Vibe after the very first session

"I leave every session thinking, 'there's no way I can do anything else.' How could I go back to old trainers or old ways of working out? I can't."

Alex I.

"This is my favorite format I've ever found. The breathwork, sauna and cold tub always leave me feeling like I'm walking away on a cloud, and allow for bigger breakthroughs emotionally and spiritually too."

Cat D.

"The way these classes are set up to include breathwork, sauna, and cold tub really makes me think about my choices throughout every day, which is why I think I'm seeing results so much quicker."

Katie R.